Am I really trans? Mu.

A student was struggling with gender issues and decided to visit Gender master Aiden who was renowned for helping people with these issues.

The student poured out story after story, evidence of being trans, evidence of not being trans, childhood experiences, fantasies, thoughts, feelings, and tales of great suffering.

Aiden listened carefully and attentively. The student asked “Am I trans?” Aiden said “Mu.” and whacked the student across the shoulders with zir cane. Aiden then paused and slowly sipped zir tea. “Delicious!” zie said.

The student was enlightened.


Mu is not yes. Mu is not no. Mu is not maybe. Mu means the question should be unasked, because it contains a hidden assumption. The following questions are properly answered Mu.

Am I trans? Mu.
Am I genderqueer? Mu.
Am I cis? Mu.
Am I nonbinary? Mu.

Am I trans or is it a fetish? Mu.
Are trans women women? Mu.
Are trans men men? Mu.

Are my issues psychological or biological? Mu.
Are my issues real? Mu.
Are trans issues caused by a female/male brain? Mu.

Are trans identities valid? Mu.
Are cis identities valid? Mu.
Are X identities valid? Mu.
Is my identity valid? Mu.
Is another person’s identity valid? Mu.
Is X identity a thing? Mu.

Are trans identities invalid? Mu.
Are cis identities invalid? Mu.
Are X identities invalid? Mu.
Is my identity invalid? Mu.
Is another person’s identity invalid? Mu.
Is X identity not a thing? Mu.

I have X experience am I really trans? Mu.
I have X experience am I not really trans? Mu.

Are my feelings dysphoria or depression? Mu.
I feel better on hormones am I really trans? Mu.
I feel worse on hormones am I really trans? Mu.
I am questioning my gender, does that mean I am trans? Mu.

Another student asked Aiden if “zie/zir” were Aiden’s preferred pronouns?
“A finger pointing at the moon.” Aiden replied.