Author: thirdwaytrans


Unfortunately, I am finding that this blog and my life is being used far too often as a political football to promote various agendas and the actual message of the blog is getting lost in the process. Torn between some groups who wish to use my life and words as an example to promote political agendas that I strongly disagree with, and other groups who either misunderstand, twist my words or simply make things up to attempt to paint me as anti-trans, I have concluded that this is not the best venue for the work that I am trying to do.

The intent of this blog was to help people work with their dysphoria and to not suffer in ways which I did. I really wish I had the resources back then to sort through the issues that compelled my initial transition which in retrospect I think was unnecessary. I do not in any way claim that my experience was universal or even common. However, it is not unique. Over the past four years I have written this blog, it has become clear that my experiences are not applicable to many trans people, but there are people that really benefited from some of the ideas that I presented. I don’t know what makes this group of people different than the others, or whether it is a difference of degree or kind. This blog was for them, the people like me. It does not apply to all trans people, and should not be used as “proof” that they should not transition.

I condemn those that use my blog or my life to fight against trans rights. I am 100% in support of trans people living their lives free of harassment and being given all of the opportunities that other people get. I think adults get to choose for themselves whether they want to transition or not, and should be treated as sovereign human beings and have full access to the treatments they desire.

At the same time we should continue to research the factors that lead to regret or poor outcomes, in order to provide the best care to all people with gender dysphoria. There has been a large shift in the demographics of people who transition in recent years, and we should neither assume that there will be no problems with this or that it is a disaster. There are a lot of unknowns, particularly with children and adolescents. I fear that the political climate makes effective research in this area difficult and it will take courageous people with open minds to set aside their assumptions and help to find the best outcomes for all.

Throughout my time writing this blog I have been committed to free speech, doing my best to pursue truth wherever it led me and being open to talking to others no matter what their political ideology or philosophy. This has sometimes caused problems and sometimes made it harder to do the work I was most interested in, which is helping people with dysphoria and supporting detransitioners. Nevertheless I think these are important values, especially in a society that is becoming increasingly polarized.

I still remain interested in this topic and will continue to work professionally on these issues. This is not the last I have to say. For now it is time for me to step back, work on other aspects of my life, digest this experience and refine my ideas.

Thanks so much to all of the people who have written supportive things over the years, and I am happy that I have been able to help the people that I have helped. I can still be contacted at