New natal male detransitioner community

Hey everyone,

Recently several people have suggested the need for more community for male detransitioners. I agree with this as the lack of community has sometimes made things more difficult for me. So I have created a new message board for us to create community.

This forum is for MAAB / natal male folk who are detransitioning back to male after transitioning male to female, those that are contemplating detransition, those that are considering transition but looking for other ways to work with their gender dysphoria, those that are transitioned and happy with it, but still have gender dysphoria and want to find other ways to work through their gender dysphoria, and to create community for male detransitioners. Unlike the ThirdWayTrans blog which is open to everyone, this forum is only for MAAB / natal male folk who have transitioned, are considering transition, or experience gender dysphoria. Please do not create an account if you do not meet those criteria and respect this space.

I have made the forum public for now, but only registered users can post. I may make it more or less private in the future depending on how things go. Also, this is just a first cut, so your suggestions are welcome.

Edit: I have decided to make the discussions private for now as I feel that will facilitate more safety for open discussion of these sensitive topics.

The forum can be found here:


  1. I am saying this respectfully. Can someone explain why it is okay to exclude others in these groups when women’s groups and lesbian only groups are frowned upon? Women are called transphobic when they need or want a lesbian or women only group. and certainly not a cis only group!

    1. Personally, I think people should feel free to create whatever spaces they want to when it comes to private spaces. Other people can of course frown upon your choices if they like. This also only applies to private spaces, not spaces of public accomodation such as restaurants, etc.

      I am not at all attached to the idea of it being a male-only space. It depends on what the needs of the community are, it may become open to everyone, or not viewable by the public depending on what everyone’s needs are. Many of the female detransitioners reported having their own space to be valuable, so I modeled it based on that, male detransitioner needs might or might not be different.

  2. I applaud you for creating a forum for natal males. I hope your discussions in a private setting allow people to get the help they need and find other people to connect with. I wish everyone on the forum a happy and healthy 2017!

  3. I am glad that we can still be strong in knowing that groups can be specifically geared to a certain population. I hope no one feels excluded, but instead understands the valuable deep dialogue that can stem from exclusive groups. I am not offended when I am excluded in public places either, as long as a meeting is specific in it’s intent. I’m happy for people delving into who they are. Meetings seem so unnecessarily loaded in our community. Would any of us object to a meeting where twins met other twins or where parents who have had a child die from a drug overdose met in their grief? Why are so many ready to take offense?

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